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LDS Family Search Internet Betty Gray's research is posted here. Enter "Enoch Matchett" in the search window.
USGenWeb Archives Search USGenWeb digital library by state.
Florida Geneaology Records Most searches lead to sites where you have to pay for the search results.
Florida Pioneer Descendants Certification Program Sponsored by the Florida State Genealogical Society. Honors descendants of Florida pioneers arriving before 3 March 1845, when Florida became a state.
2003 Florida Pioneer Index

Page 43 of Index
Index of Florida Pioneers. Page 43 lists two Matchetts:
1) John H. Matchett, Marion Co.--Betty Jean Gray, Oma Lee Morrow, descendants
2) Levi Thomas Matchett, Columbia Co.--Marguerite Cassels Marchman, descendant

John H. Matchett is my gg-grandfather; Oma Lee Morrow is my first cousin; Betty Gray is her daughter. Levi Thomas Matchett is Enoch Matchett's brother.
1784-1786 State Census of NC 1784 NC state census for Duplin-Sampson County; two Matchetts (spelled "Matchet"):
John Matchet, 1 w.m. 21-60, 1 w.m. <21 or >60, 4 w.f., 2 blacks 12-50, 3 blacks <12 or >50
Sarah Matchet, 0 w.m. 21-60, 1 w.m. <21 or >60, 1 w.f., 0 blacks
1790 North Carolina Census 1790 census for Duplin County; one Matchett:
John Matchett, 1 f.w.m. 16 up, 3 f.w.m. under 16, 4 f.w.f., 0 other free, 7 slaves

Note: I was unable to find Duplin, NC census for later years online. My notes show that I found a John Matchet and a William Matchet (both Duplin Co.) in a library copy of the book Index to the 1800 Census of North Carolina.
1830 Georgia Census, Irwin Co. Image of microfilmed record. Two Matchetts shown:
William Matchett, 1 m. 50-60, 1 m. 20-30, 1 m. 15-20, 1 f. 20-30, 1 f. 15-20, 1 f. 10-15
Holden Matchett, 1 m. 20-30, 2 m. <5, 1 f. 20-30, 1 f. <5
1840 Georgia Census, Irwin Co. Image of microfilmed record. Two Matchetts shown:
Jacob Matchett, 1 m. 30-40, 1 m. 20-30, 2 f. 30-40
Wells Matchett, 1 m. 40-50, 1 m. 10-15, 1 f. 30-40, 1 f. 15-20, 2 f. 5-10, 1 f. <5

Note: No Matchetts are listed in 1850 and 1860 Irwin Co. censuses.
1860 Marion Co. Agricultural Census Lists farm owners; acres of land; cash value of farm, machinery, and livestock. The following Matchetts, Granthams, and Stricklands are listed:
1) Wells Matchett
2) Jno. W. Matchett
3) Jas. H. Matchett
4) Elvin Grantham
5) Danl. Grantham
6) John Strickland
7) Wm. Strickland
1860 Putnam Co. Agricultural Census The following Stricklands are listed:
1) M.N. Strickland
2) Bennett Strickland

No Matchetts or Granthams.
1860 Sumter Co. Agricultural Census The following Matchetts are listed:
1) William Matchett
2) Jacob Matchett
3) J.W. Matchett
4) Susan Matchett

No Stricklands or Granthams.
Revolutionary Soldiers, Duplin, NC Two Matchetts listed:
John Matchett, Private, NC Militia
Edward Matchett, Private, 10th NC Continental Line
Florida Civil War Soldiers Index Master index.
Florida Civil War Soldiers Index, p110
Grant through Green. Many Granthams are listed. The Daniel Grantham and Elijah Grantham listings are probably my grandmother Cherry Ann Alice Grantham's (Francis Marion Matchett's wife) father and grandfather.
Florida Civil War Soldiers Index, p180 Mason through Matthews. The following Matchetts are listed (some more than once and all in the FL 7th or 9th Inf. Regmt):
1) L.S. Matchet(t)
2) A. Matchett
3) Enoch Matchett 4) Francis Marion Matchett
5) John W. Matchett
6) L (Levi?) Matchett
7) Levi T., Levi Thomas Matchett
Florida 9th Infantry Regiment The Florida 9th Infantry Regiment was organized at Hanover Junction, Virginia, in June, 1864, using the 6th Florida Infantry Battalion as its nucleus. Many of its members were from Levy, Hernando, and Marion Counties. It was involved in the Appomattox Campaign and surrendered on April 9, 1865. Other battles fought by this regiment are listed.
Florida 7th Infantry Co. F One Matchett listed:
John W. Matchett, Private, mustered out 26 Apr 1865
Florida 9th Infantry Co. B Soldiers of the Florida 9th Infantry Co. B (Civil War). The following Matchetts are listed:
1) Enoch Matchett, Private (no mustering out date; possibly deserted, which was common)
2) L. (Levi?) Matchett, Private (no mustering out date)
3) S. T. Matchett, Private, mustered out 9 Apr 1865
Florida Confederate Pension Application Files A search for "matchett" yields the following:
1) Lydia Matchett, Marion Co., widow of Charles Kingsley
2) Levi Thomas Matchett, Marion Co.
3) Francis Marion Matchett, Alachua Co.
4) Annie Matchett, Pinellas Co., widow of Joseph Phillip Caruthers
5) John W. Matchett, Hillsborough Co.

I believe all of these Matchetts are brothers or sisters of my g-grandfather Enoch Matchett. My grandfather Francis Marion Matchett was born in 1863, so he was not the F.M. Matchett listed here.

Click on the application number link (on the left-hand side) to see PDF files of the actual applications. The files are 13 to 21 pages.
1917-1918 Draft Registration 1917-1918 Civilian Draft Registration for Putnam Co., Florida (surnames Iles-Myrick). The following Matchetts are listed:
1) Burton Benjamin Matchett (Enoch's son), b. 11 Apr 1881
2) Calvin Joseph Matchett (Joseph's son), b. 20 Jul 1892, Interlachen
3) Grover Cleveland Matchett (Joseph's son), b. 4 Jan 1893, Interlachen
4) Shelley Matchett (Francis Marion's son, my father's brother), b. 6 May 1900
Florida History Timeline Major events from 1497 to 1993. Florida becomes a state March 3, 1845.
Florida in the Civil War Includes Battle of Olustee, which some Matchetts were in.
Florida History & Antiquities Index Links to a few interesting Florida historical websites.
Creation of Selected Florida Counties Dates of creation of St. Johns, Duval, Orange, Alachua, Marion, Putnam, and Sumter Counties.
Historical Maps of Florida Maps of Florida from 1744 to 1960. County boundaries first show up in the 1823 map (only four counties: Escambia, Jackson, Duval, and St. Johns, which encompassed all of peninsula Florida). The 1839 map shows what the state was probably like when the Matchetts first came to the area from Georgia. Putnam Co. first appears in the 1855 map.
Historical Society of Interlachen Historical information about Interlachen (settled in the late 1880s). Website includes a short history (see next entry) and a photo album.
Short History of Interlachen A page from the previous website. Mentions Cousintown Road, where many of the Matchetts (and cousins) settled. The junction of the Palatka-Micanopy Road and Fort Brooks Road (later called Cousintown Road) was a logical place for a railroad station and a new community (Interlachen).
History of Marion Co. Marion Co. was established in 1844. "In an effort to control the Seminole, the Armed Occupation Act of 1842 encouraged white settlers to move into Florida, offering 160 acres free to eager settlers."
History of Sumter Co. Sumter Co. was formed from a portion of Marion Co. in 1853.
Putnam Co. Newsletter Putnam Co. Historical Society Newsletter -- Aug/Sep 2002. Has interesting short article on Cousintown and Roscola (at bottom of page). States that Enoch Matchett was one of the early settlers of Roscola after the Civil War, which implies that Enoch's parents and brothers and sisters lived elsewhere (Marion Co.?).
Putnam Co. History Main index for Putnam County, Florida History. Links to interesting old photos and postcards.
Okeehumkee Steamer Interesting annotated painting of the Okeehumkee steamer on the Ocklawaha River (late 1880s, early 1900s). Click on "Up the River" to download a PDF file of the painting. The notes mention the local settlers harvesting vanilla weed and Spanish moss for trade, which my father did during his early years in Roscola.
Georgia Archives Example: Click on "What do we have?", "Online indexes", and "Revolutionary War Veteran's Land Lottery Records." A search for "grantham" yields two records for Nathan Grantham, an ancestor of Cherry Ann Grantham Matchett.
Georgia County Creation Table showing the history of the creation of Georgia counties. This table was orginally located at the Georgia Archives website, but has since disappeared from there.
Historical Atlas of Georgia Counties Outstanding website! Enter the name of a county and get a listing of viewable county maps, from the date of county creation to the present. Should be helpful in understanding some of the Irwin County records.
Georgia History Timeline Select a year to get list of events for that year.
Irwin County History Brief history of Irwin Co.
History of Irwin Co. Transcription of J.B. Clements' book, "History of Irwin County" (1932). Excellent book, based on historical records. Contains references to Matchetts: Wells, William, Jacob, and Henry; also to several of my Grantham ancestors.

See Matchett and Grantham excerpts from this book.
Putnam County Cemeteries Listing of cemeteries in Putnam Co., Florida. Of the cemeteries with online listings, only three contain Matchetts (Cousintown, Johnson, and Ochwilla).
Putnam Co. Archives Cemetery Project A more comprehensive listing of cemeteries in Putnam Co., Florida. Most have links to websites providing gravestone transcriptions.
Cousintown Cemetery Also known as Roscola Cemetery. We called it the Matchett Cemetery. Our family visited the cemetery several times a year as I was growing up in north Florida. The cemetery was across the little sandy road from where my father lived with his family in a small "Cracker" home. The following Matchetts are buried there:
1) Enoch Matchett (b. 1836, d. 1904)
2) Francis Marion Matchett (Enoch's son, b. 1863, d. 1912)
3) Cherry Ann Alice (Grantham) Matchett (F.M.'s wife, b. 1866, d. 1932)
4) Joseph Matchett (Enoch's son, b. 1864, d. 1936)
5) Ellen (Baxley) Matchett (Joseph's wife, b. 1874, d. 1948)
6) Ernest Matchett (Joseph's son, b. 1903, d. 1939)
7) Andrew Matchett (Enoch's son, b. 1873, d. 1904)
8) Alice Matchett (Enoch's sister?, b. 1844, d. 1895)
9) John W. Matchett (probably Enoch's baby son, b. 1868, d. 1869)

According to my notes taken at the cemetery on two occasions, Alice Matchett's gravestone shows her birthdate as 1894, not 1844. Her grave is near Ernest's grave, so I had assumed she was a baby daughter of Joseph. However, I may have misread the birthdate on the gravestone.
Cousintown Cemetery Another listing for Cousintown Cemetery (aka Roscola Cemetery). This website states that the cemetery may also be called Live Oak Cemetery. It was sold to Joseph E. Matchett, John J. Strickland, and John O. Walker, Trustees, as "Live Oak Cemetery." Date of sale not given. Gives good directions to the cemetery.
Johnson Community Cemetery Cemetery located in Johnson, Putnam Co., Florida, a few miles from Interlachen. Eight Matchetts are buried here, including Enoch's son Burton and Burton's wife Mamie Johnson.
Johnson Community Cemetery Another listing for the Johnson cemetery (aka Woodlawn Baptist Church Cemetery).
Ochwilla Cemetery Ochwilla Baptist Church Cemetery, Melrose, Putnam Co., Florida. Lists the following Matchetts:
1) Grover C. Matchett, Sr (b. 1893, son of Joseph, son of Enoch)
2) Ella B. Matchett (b. 1892, probably Grover's wife)
3) Casto Kay (Matchett) Donaldson (b. 1910; possibly Grover's daughter)
4) Winifred (Matchett) Donalson (b. 1919; possibly another of Grover's daughters)
Citra Cemetery Citra Cemetery, Marion Co., Florida. Three Matchetts listed:
1) Earl Matchett, b. Aug 1, 1909, d. Jul 23, 1995 ("Cpl US Army WW II")
2) Phillip Earl Matchett, b. Jan 3, 1947, d. Mar 8, 2000
3) Louise Matchett, b. Apr 12, 1921, d. No date
4) Nancy Matchett, b. Sep 16, 1955, d. Jan 18, 1967

They may be related to me, but I don't know how.
GenForum, Matchett Family Includes Betty Gray's posting of John (H.) Matchett as a Florida Pioneer. Also, postings by relatives Kay Matchett Watson and George Earl Matchett(e).
GenForum, Duplin, NC Includes thread "Matchett family came to Duplin Co. 1739."
GenForum, Duplin, NC From the Duplin Co., NC gen. forum, a posting by Kay Matchett Watson (10 Feb 2001) giving some of the descendants of John H. Matchett, b. 1801, NC. Kay claims that Francis Marion Matchett had two wives: Kay is F.M.'s descendant by Lottie Turner; I am F.M.'s descendant by Cherry Grantham. However, it is believed that this listing is incorrect. Her Francis Marion Matchett ancestor is probably Enoch Matchett's brother, not his son.
RootsWeb, NCBLADEN-L Archives Message posted by Dee Thompson gives the following info from Duplin Co., NC Grant Book 32: JOHN MATCHETT, 15 Dec 1778, 100 acres on the W side of the N E of Cape Fear River about one and a half Miles above the Soiarty (?) Bridge, joining the Edge of the River Swamp, ROBERT SLOAN, GEORGE MILLER, a pond, the Edge of Richard Millers Old Field, and JOHN MCCAIN.
RootsWeb, Duplin, NC Posted queries for Duplin Co.
Message posted by Percy C. Smith on Monday, March 23, 1998:
"Looking for info on Edward MATCHETT who recieved a Grant 7 Mar 1746. He came from Ireland and settled in Duplin County, N. C.and served in the Revolutionary War as a private, 10th North Carolina Regiment."
RootsWeb, Family Notes, Herring, et al "Joshua Herring, born Nov. 23, 1723, died April 1801 at Moseley Hall. He was a Baptist minister. Was large and over 6 feet tall. Kind and affectionate. Elizabeth Matchett wife of Joshua Herring, a native of County Downs,Ireland, born 1725, died 1786."
East Carolina Univ., Manuscript Collection Guide to the Elizabeth Rudder Fearrington Groom Collection, 1755-1968. Includes Matchett genealogy cards. Contents not online.
Confederate Civil War Select a state, then select index to view online rosters of Confederate Civil War soldiers. Some state rosters cannot be reached from this site's home page; however, you can reach all rosters except Alabama's by placing the state's 2-letter abbreviation (lower-case) in the xx position of the following URL:

Click here to reach an index (a file directory) to the Alabama roster. You have to do a trial and error search to find the page you want. The Matchetts (unrelated?) are on p.86. Page 1 is missing from the directory.

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